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You only have an average of two seconds for a post to catch a reader’s eye and an eye-catching, stylish graphic can do just that.

I have been designing teasers, banners, ads and promos for over ten years.

During that time I have kept my prices the same. 

Take a look below at some of my published work.

Teasers, Ads, Banners & Promos and Book Covers

Character Cards

Character cards allow your readers a little insight into your main characters of your story. Adding a short excerpt or dialogue gives them a glimpse into that scene of your book.

Book Covers

Logos and Branding

Some of these logos I designed, but all of the logo and branding concepts are mine. I spend time with the author, get to know them and their book/s and come up with some ideas. Once we’ve both agreed on the way forward, that’s when either the author or myself find a designer who can bring my concept to life.

Bookmarks 15 euros for master sheet