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Welcome to Author Assist

What We Do

Author Assist is all about helping and teaching new and established authors how to market themselves and their books.

Looking for a new way to promote your book?

My excerpt narrations allow a reader to watch and listen to your book coming alive. 
And with the right excerpt, we can tease them into having to go out and buy your book.

Be Creative!

Book Trailers

Using the correct images music and words, a book trailer can be one of the most powerful promotional tools. It allows the reader to learn more about your books, more than just reading words on a paper. Film allows your book to come alive.

Do you have writer’s block? 
Do you need ideas for a new book? 
Are you stuck in the middle of your book and don’t know where to go next?
Then book a brainstorming spot with me. I will spend up to an hour with you on camera as we hash out ideas.
I’ve worked with several authors on these brainstorming sessions and all have been productive and they are fun to do.

Contact me for more information and if you would like to schedule a session.

Products and services

Author Assist Packages
Virtual Assistance
Social Media Consultation
Marketing and Promotion Management

Extra Services Also Available

Event and party hosting
Mentoring and coaching
Seasonal and Holiday Promo Blitz
Branding & Logo designs
One on One training on key software and programs
Voice Over
ACX audiobook set-up
Ebook cover designs
Book trailers
BookBub ads
Blurb writing
Amazon Rankings/ keywords and categories
Newsletter sign ups
Newsletter management
Book mark designs
Teasers and banners graphic design packages
Brainstorming sessions
Prime Time Radio Advertising.

You get to pick and choose what you need help with.

Please note, that I also outsource work.

If any of these services interest you and you would like to discuss them further, please get in touch either by email or through messenger via FaceBook.

Samples and testimonials are available on request.

I look forward to chatting with you.

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